Coral Gables Music Club 2017-2018
“We Do Make a Difference!”

Dear Music Club Members,

It’s the start of our new year and just so you know, our music club does make a difference and we are proud of it.

We helped 20 students last year pay for their music lessons.  And consequently we helped some 15 music teachers earn a living in their chosen field of music.

We also helped many professional musicians who by their performance were introduced to the community and received an honorarium… all the while we were enjoying the beauty and “re-creation” of music and good fellowship.

It is said that Picasso once said “The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

It is easy to visualize that taking place while looking at a piece of art that inspires and gives you strength. While the vision of art can truly inspire, even so is the power of music and its beauty and discipline. And so we give thanks for the beauty and inspiration of music.

We also thank our members for their dues and contributions, but also for the special efforts, and the donations of time and service of many of our members.

So on we go… into a new year of excellent programs, with talented students, to face the challenges, and eager to share our enthusiasm and music with all our members.

President, Coral Gables Music Club
Luciann Niebler-Spare

Overview of Club Year 2016-2017

It was a great year with a variety of music pleasing to all.  Our Artistic Director, Angelica Sganga, with Patricia Clarke and Carolyn Davenport came up with a schedule of excellent programs.

The year started with a delicious luncheon in October at the Palace in Coral Gables, greeting all our members from over the summer with a special program celebrating the Centennial year of the Florida Federation of Music.

On a Sunday in November, the Jr. Club, celebrated the Parade of American Music, also at the Palace, with an interesting variety of songs by American composers.

For our program in November, we heard the University of Miami Opera theatre perform beautiful operatic songs in the sanctuary of Coral Gables Congregational Church with morning refreshments before in the Chapel. Two of the performers had been winners in the Jeanie-Stephen Foster contest of the previous year.

Of course our highlight of the season is always the Scholarship Christmas Luncheon held at the Riviera Country Club with beautiful table decorations by Shirley Anderson. Performing there was the Big Band and choir from Felix Varela Sr. HS and it was truly delightful with many lovely and seasonal songs. Then there was also the fun of checking the winners for the Silent Auction and the Raffle baskets.

In January, Javier Sardinas, an excellent pianist from FIU, performed with an amazing talent.  We congratulated him on his ability.

In February while the Carrollton School Choir could not be there, their director, Dr. Walter Busse gave us delightful piano music and many interesting stories of the Choir’s events and accomplishments.

All programs are open to the public and guests are invited and most welcome.  The program in March was to be listed as a Scholarship Fund effort with Kemal Gekic, the concert pianist at FIU.  Gekic is a famous concert pianist who performs all over the world. His early remarks expressed appreciation of our club’s efforts and other such groups.

In March, there was also the Scholarship Recital of our honored students, who are so talented.

PLAY AND LISTEN was featured in our April program at the Steinway Piano Gallery, where the performance is by our members.

Performing for us was a piano student with her teacher, a violinist from Alhambra orchestra, a vocalist singing, and 4 talented members playing together, 2 on each of the 2 pianos.  Truly an amazing variety and exceptional program.

In May there were 2 programs, one with our former Stephen Foster contestant, Anna Collado, who is now recognized as a big stage future opera singer.

And the final musicale for our season was of pianist, Angelica Sganga (who is also our amazing Artistic Director), and vocalist, Dr. Giselle Rios, performing a variety of lovely songs together and then Angelica accompanying the ballet dancers, who were performing in the background.

As you can see, there was a lot of great talent, and a real variety.

As mentioned, many of our musicals have a welcome with refreshments before the musicale, with a chance to meet with other members and guests who are interested in music and life in general.

And we do sponsor the Jr. Music Club where the students meet monthly and perform, play, learn and listen to others playing. This also introduces them to new music to be learned.

This year, one of our graduating seniors, has received a musical scholarship from Boston Conservatory of Music. He had also won a Concerto competition providing the performance with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony at FIU Wertheim Concert Hall in May.

Two of the younger scholarship students were in the final contest for another opportunity of performance and one of our pianists performed in a recital in Key Biscayne.

Another one was soloist at Weill Recital Hall @ Carnegie Hall as part of the American Protégé Piano & String Inter-Competition Winners Recital.

Meanwhile one of our former awards student of jazz had received a Tony award for music for Jefferson/Hamilton show.

It is always amazing and interesting to see where all this talent goes, and to know it becomes beautiful music in many different venues.

Luciann Niebler-Spare
President, Coral Gables Music Club,


National Federation of Music Clubs Chartered by the Congress of the United States Since its founding in 1898, the National Federation of Music Clubs, Inc. has served our country by helping to promote American Music and musicians around the world. This has been done in large measure by many scholarship programs that enable talented young musicians to further their musical training and use their talents for high quality performances, education, compositions, dance, and even the music of poetry.

Florida Federation of Music Clubs The Florida Federation of Music Clubs, Inc. was organized in 1913 and affiliated with the National Federation in 1917, with the same high standards as its national parent organization, to accept the dedicated mission of furthering music education and fostering a dynamic musical environment throughout the communities of this state. FFMC sponsors a wide range of musical events and provides numerous opportunities for talented and deserving young people in Florida.